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  If you are interested in a highly effective and comprehensive system of standing and ground defense techniques using the application of leverage to defeat larger, stronger opponents then Jiu-jitsu is the answer.

Ju-jitsu is a Japanese martial art consisting primarily of grappling techniques. Ju-jitsu evolved among the samurai of feudal Japan as a method for engaging an armed and armored opponent in situations where the use of weapons was impractical or forbidden. Due to the difficulty of dispatching an armored opponent with striking techniques, the most efficient methods for neutralizing an enemy took the form of throws, joint locks, and chokes. These techniques were developed around the principle of using an attacker's energy against him, rather than directly opposing it, and came to be known as ju-jitsu. The term "Ju-jitsu" was not coined until the 17th century, prior to which time it was referred to by many different names, and afterwards interchangably, with terms such as "short sword grappling"

Today, jujutsu is still practiced as it was hundreds of years ago, but also in modified forms for sport practice. The Olympic sport and martial art of judo was developed from several traditional styles of jujutsu by Kano Jigoro in the late 19th century.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ("Jiu-Jitsu" is a common informal romanization of "jujutsu") was developed after Mitsuyo Maeda taught jiujutsu in Brazil, but at that time was still referring to it as "Kano's jujutsu".  

Owner Randy McElwee training with
Grand Master Helio Gracie
American Black Belt Academy is an Endorsed Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association Affiliate school exclusively dedicated to the teaching of Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu technique and philosophy for self-defense as developed by its founder the late Grand Master Helio Gracie as passed down from Mitsuyo Maeda that brought Jiu-Jitsu from Japan to Brazil.
Authentic Gracie Jiu-Jitsu for self-defense
Master Pedro Sauer; the head of the Association, is a world renown Gracie Jiu Jitsu 8TH Degree Coral Belt that has trained closely with the Gracie family since 1973 at the age of 15 and was instrumental in bringing Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to America.

Professor Sauer earned his Black Belt from Grandmaster Helio Gracie and Rickson Gracie in 1985. Long recognized for the superior technical efficiency of his jiu-jitsu, he then began his career as an instructor in 1986 and attained certification as a Level 6 Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy Instructor under Grandmaster Rorion Gracie and 3 Time Ultimate Fighting Champion and Legend Royce Gracie in 2000.